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Popular Rheem models include:

rheem-water-heater-stellarSTELLAR 330 & STELLAR 360 (GAS)

It’s a revolution in high performance water heating! The Rheem Stellar has a first hour capacity of up to 360 litres followed by 200 litres of hot water every hour – much more than most households will ever need. The 5 star energy efficiency rating, 10/10 year warranty and sleek ultra modern styling make it easy to see why Rheem Stellar is so Rheemarkable.

rheem-continuous-hot-waterCONTINUOUS FLOW (GAS)

Rheem Continuous Flow is a compact, gas instantaneous or continuous flow water heater with optional temperature controllers. Rheem Continuous Flow will never run out of hot water. It doesn’t store water – instead, it heats it instantly when you need it. Rheem’s new compact design is ideal in homes where space is at a premium. Choose the exact water temperature you desire. Between 37°C and 50°C in the bathroom to protect the little ones (and not so young) from the risk of scalding, and up to 60°C in the kitchen and laundry (871/874 models only) where you need hotter water temperatures.

Continuous Flow heaters are available in sizes 12-27 litres per minute. Please contact us for advice on which size heater best suits your household’s needs.

rheem-hot-water-optimaOPTIMA (ELECTRIC)

A 10 year warranty on the cylinder, increased anode protection and a wide range of models makes Optima your long-term success story. The choice includes capacities from 250 litres up to 400 litres. All models can take advantage of ‘Off-Peak’ or ‘Night Rate’ tariffs and feature the benefit of a user adjustable thermostat to control water temperature. Models are available with Twin elements supplying your home with hot water boosting 24hrs a day.

Please refer to the RHEEM website for further information

  • The Smartstart® is an ‘on-demand’ pump system that only operates when required and automatically shuts off, further saving energy
  • It is activated in any room that has a Water Controller installed
  • Saves literally thousands of litres of water often flushed down the drain
  • 12 year warranty on the Heat Exchanger