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Rheem Hot Water UnitRheem Hot Water

Rheem began manufacturing hot water systems in Australia back in 1939 and have cemented their position as a household name when it comes to heating water. As a producer of premium, Australian made hot water systems, Rheem maintains a strong focus on energy efficiency and water conservation. In particular, Rheem lead the way with their heat pump water heating technology which is almost as energy efficient as solar hot water heating.

The main energy source used by the heat pump is the heat naturally in the air around us – a totally renewable energy. This renewable heat provides approximately two thirds of the energy that the unit requires, the rest is supplied by electricity, which means heat pumps typically use two thirds less energy than an electric water heater in the right application. So whether it’s gas or electric. Continuous flow, heat pump or storage. Rheem has a range of hot water solutions for every situation!

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Rinnai Hot Water UnitRinnai Hot Water

Rinnai have been supplying Australian households with their high quality, Japanese produced gas appliances for over 40 years. From the 1990’s Rinnai changed the way Australians could heat water, introducing the Rinnai Infinity, the first fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water system. This system sells on the proviso that it will never run out of hot water!

Through continued innovation and a commitment to energy efficiency, Rinnai now offers the consumer various options, including the High Efficiency Enviro 26 model which comes with a 7 star energy rating!

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Dux Hot Water UnitDux Hot Water

Dux Hot Water is Australia’s largest locally owned hot water manufacturer. Since 1915, the Dux range has seen continuous research and development, resulting in many breakthroughs in the efficiency, reliability and longevity of hot water systems. Dux is committed to producing high quality products and to the on-going development of new products.

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Bosch Hot Water UnitBosch Hot Water

As a supplier of hot water systems to Australian and New Zealand households for over 50 yeas, Bosch has built a reputation for providing reliable and efficient hot water systems to meet the changing needs of their customers. Furthermore, Bosch water heaters are amongst the most economical appliances on the market today, boasting high energy efficiency ratings.

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Vulcan Hot Water UnitVulcan Hot Water

Vulcan hot water systems are a proven, high quality brand from the Rheem Group, known for their reliability and longevity and available at a very affordable price.

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