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When it come to gas hot water systems, it is important to consider the needs and budget of your household.  The options available are as follows:

Storage Hot Water Systems

Gas Hot Water Systems Perth

At Hot Water Systems Perth we supply, install and repair a complete range of gas storage hot water systems. These hot water heaters are popular in Perth as they can be installed both outside or inside the house fitted with a flue. Gas storage hot water systems are environmentally friendly and provide a simple and economical way of heating water. Another advantage of gas storage hot water systems is that they are able to re-heat water at a faster rate than electric heaters, therefore the tanks don’t need to be as big.

Gas storage water heaters have a gas energy rating label where the more stars on the label, the more efficient the heater is. There are standard and high-efficiency gas storage heaters. High-efficiency models are more expensive to buy, but cheaper and more environmentally friendly to run.

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems Perth are able to supply, install and repair a complete range of ‘tankless’  or ‘continuous flow’ gas hot water heaters. As they are small and compact the popularity of instantaneous gas hot water heaters continue to grow particularly in homes where space is at a premium and apartment complexes.  As gas instantaneous heaters only heat the water when a hot tap is turned on they are environmentally friendly being able to achieve up to a 6 star energy efficiency rating.

These units come in various sizes, which refer to how many litres of hot water per minute the system can produce at a temperature rise of approx 25 degrees celcius. Ranging in size from 16 to 32 litres per minute, it is perhaps more important to consider the number of hot water outlets the instantaneous hot water heater has to serve as opposed to the number of people in the household.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency from a continuous flow hot water heater it is very important that the most suitable model for your household be selected and ensuring it is installed correctly. Hot Water Systems Perth will gladly assist you in this process.