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Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

electric hot water systems perth

At Hot Water Systems Perth we supply, install, service and repair a complete range of electric storage hot water systems. These electric hot water heaters are popular in Perth as they come in a range of sizes and are generally economical to install. Cost savings are possible by taking advantage of ‘off peak’ electricity tariffs from power retailers available during low energy consumption times of the day/night. In using such ‘off peak’ rates it is important that a large enough tank size be chosen in order to heat enough water during the off peak time period so as to not run out of hot water. When connected to ‘day’ rate electricity tariffs water in the tank is re-heated as required quite quickly. As an example of ‘off peak’ tariff options please click on link for Synergy’s Smart Power supply.


If you are looking at replacing your existing electrical storage hot water heater with a heat pump hot water system, you may be eligible for a government rebate.

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Electric Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems Perth are able to supply, install and repair a complete range of ‘tankless’ or ‘continuous flow’ electric hot water heater systems. As they are small and compact these heaters are usually used where space is at a premium and in apartment complexes. Most models of these heaters are connected to 3 phase power. Even though Electrical instantaneous heaters can only be connected to peak electricity supply, they only heat the water when a hot tap is turned on.

As electric instantaneous hot water heaters heat the water as it flows through the unit, the water pressure is lower than with a electric storage tank. We are sometimes able to improve the performance of your instantaneous 3 phase heater to give you better flow or more hot water. In order to achieve maximum efficiency from a continuous flow hot water heater it is very important that the most suitable model for your household be selected and ensuring it is installed correctly. Hot Water Systems Perth will gladly assist you in this process.

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