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Instant on-wall Boiling Unit


With safety, durability and simplicity in mind, the Hydroboil is designed to easily handle the demands of busy workplaces and commercial kitchens, saving power when needed while ensuring boiling water is always available on demand.


Ideal for canteens and cafes the simple-to-use Autoboil offers great-tasting, instant boiling water as needed. Featuring thermostatic temperature control, a two-way tap and stainless steel boiling chamber the Autoboil can turn itself on and off as required, up to 5 times a day.


The first choice for site sheds and short-term tenancies, the Zip Econoboil provides instant boiling water for tea, coffee and soup. Featuring thermostatic temperature control with a two-way tap, the Autoboil can turn itself on and off as required, up to 5 times a day.

zip-boiling-water-hydrotapInstant Pure Tasting Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling Water via Specialised Tap Ware

zip-boiling-chilled-water-hydrotapHydrotap Classic

Make water irresistible with the Zip HydroTap Classic Range. With pure tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water instantly available, you will never have to buy or dispose of bottled water again. The Zip HydroTap is famous for combining stylish design with outstanding energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. The amazing Zip 0.2 micron filtration system delivers the crystal clear filtered water you deserve.

zip-boiling-all-in-oneHydrotap All-in-one

The only tap your kitchen will ever need. The All-In-One combines all of the Classic HydroTap features with added benefit of Hot + Cold water for your sink. The HydroTap All-In-One is water… any way you like it. So now you’ll enjoy drinking more and experience the many health benefits of proper hydration. Drink better. Feel better.

zip-boiling-chilled-water-arcHydrotap Arc

The new Zip HydroTap Design range incorporates the latest innovative technologies with inspiring designs to instantly give you water of unparalleled purity. With the elegant curve of a swan’s neck and available in a range of finishes, the Zip HydroTap Arc will complement any contemporary kitchen, and the crystal clear water will complement your wellbeing.

zip-boiling-chilled-water-cubeHydrotap Cube

With the Zip HydroTap design range, you have the choice of enjoying water any way you like it; boiling, chilled or sparkling. In another beautiful style, the HydroTap Cube delivers the water you have always wanted, with the design you have always desired. As the centrepiece of your kitchen, the HydroTap Cube is both a source of inspiration and of wellness.

zip-boiling-all-in-oneHydrotap Elite

Form meets function with the sophisticated and innovative HydroTap Elite. A simplistic and stylish design demonstrates just how beautifully engineered a HydroTap can be. Also providing water any way you like it; pure tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling, filtered and instant, this product is a must for any modern kitchen. Style. Substance. Sustainability.

Celcius Arc

A must for the modern kitchen, the new Zip Celsius range adds a touch of style to any space, while instantly providing the purest tasting water for your enjoyment. The Celsius Arc delivers hot and cold functionality, with your choice of filtered boiling, chilled or sparkling water, instantly. Not only is the Celsius range irresistible in looks, it makes water irresistible.

Celcius Cube

To complement your preferred taste, the Celsius Cube offers the same function in another elegant design style that will add an unparalleled level of sophistication to any kitchen space. Also available in a range of finishes, it’s no wonder Zip HydroTap is simply the world’s most desirable drinking water appliance. Design at it’s best. And water at it’s best.

zip-boiling-water-miniboil-classic zip-boiling-water-hydrotap-eliteMiniboil

Perfect for tea, coffee and cooking, our instant boiling water is fast and cost-effective. With easy to use touch-pad controls and the superior Zip 0.2 micron filtration system, everyone will love the pure taste of this crystal clear boiling and ambient water.